Emergency/Warning Vehicle Lighting & Sirens

XT4 Series Exterior Light for Honda


XT404BBRR, XT4RR, XT402RA zoom

Single XT4 head now available in MultiColor. Flash one solid color and then another solid color instead of having either a single color or split colors. See new model numbers under Models tab.

Honda Motorcycle




  • Multicolor capability provides two full signals out of one lighthead - No more compromising signal strength and size by splitting a LED lighthead to get two colors*
  • Greater signal strength from multicolor allows for increased safety for alerting oncoming motorists*

*See available models under Models tab

Design Features

  • Available in one and two color combinations. Single head module is available in multicolor (see available models under Models tab)
  • Clear Lens with Red, Blue, Amber or White LEDs
  • Black Bezel/Housing
  • Shock Resistant and Weather Protected for Interior and Exterior Use
  • Potted Circuit Board
  • Synchronized Flash Pattern Between XT Series Lightheads and LED Hide-A-Blasts
  • XT4: 22 Flash Patterns

Additional Features

  • MultiColor Capability (see available models under Models tab)
  • Retractable guards (with the push of a button) on either end of the unit provide an extra level of protection against reflected light flashing into driver´s eyes.
  • Visor (shroud) allows unit to fit snugly against windshield.
  • 12´ Lighter Plug Cable with Switch
  • SAE J595 and California Title 13 when properly configured

General Specifications

  • XT4: 4.52" L x 1.3" H x 1.0" D (115L x 33W x 25D mm)
  • 12/24 Volt
  • 5-Year Warranty on LED Modules
  • Amber and Red LEDs meet SAE J595, Class 1
  • Blue/Blue XT4 LEDs meet SAE J595, Class 1 when operating in simultaneous flash mode.
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