. . . Code 3®, Inc.’s new Z3 siren is designed to make an officer’s job easier yet. The control head is easy to operate with three distinct functions: sirens and primary lighting; auxiliary lighting and other equipment; and traffic or warning function. Different sizes and shapes of buttons are located quickly, allowing you to operate all of the light and siren functions without taking your eyes off the road. Buttons are backlit and change color, giving both visual and tactile feedback. The Z3 Siren features a programmable three level slide switch (with a programmable fourth position), eight programmable auxiliary buttons and five programmable siren buttons. The software’s setup is very intuitive and includes helpful tips for setting up multiple amplifiers. Arrowstick functions can be programmed for different flash patterns and speeds for each direction. A horn-ring option allows you to scroll through siren functions on the steering wheel.

The La Grange, KY, Police Department has been field-testing the Z3 sirens throughout their fleet for a year. Chief Kevin Collett praised the sirens, stating, “They are much safer for the officers because they can operate them by feel without taking their eyes off the road. Maintenance costs have also been reduced because the officers can service the trunk mounted units themselves.” He stated that, as new cruisers are added to his fleet, they will continue to equip them with the Z3s.

For the complete article see the September/October issue of Police and Security News.

Code 3 Police & Security News Reviews the Z3 Siren

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Emergency/Warning Vehicle Lighting & Sirens

Police & Security News Reviews the Z3 Siren


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