Starting  November 2nd, all new cc style lightbars produced by Code 3 will have a myriad of new flash pattern sequences and  flash rates to choose from!
There is much more information than can be presented here about the patterns, rates, and synchronous capability! Click here for more info!

To complement this software upgrade, Code 3 has also upgraded the SmartPro Flash Pattern Controller. The new 1050FPP controller is designed to allow programming of both the old and new style cc boards. There are two cables connected to the controller—one cable for the old cc style board and one for the new.
For More Smart Pro Info CLICK HERE

The new Code 3 cc board and 1050 FPP controller will give you greater
flexibility, easier set up, and more options than ever before when
configuring your new Code  3 cc style lightbar!

Code 3 Code 3 Flash Pattern Upgrade!

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Code 3 Flash Pattern Upgrade!


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